Cleansing and charging your crystals' energy is required as crystals easily pick up on positive and negative energies. Your crystals should be cleansed regularly in order to keep your personal energy and your crystals strong and clear-flowing, creating a powerful bond and opening the space for personalised magick to manifest. 

CRYSTAL PROGRAMMING establishes a very specific intention for a crystal to hold, usually for an energy or result you wish to manifest. Hold your crystal in both hands and imagine it surrounded by a shimmering ball of golden light. Say aloud the intention which you wish the crystal to hold for you: 'I programme this crystal for (healing my heart, protection, strengthening my psychic abilities). For the highest good of all, in love and in light.'


Just remember that you only need to programme a crystal if your intuition clearly guides you to do so. If not, trust that the crystal's magic is already working perfectly for your needs and healing! 

CLEANSING AND CHARGING should be personal to you and whichever method feels most desirable is usually the right one. Just remember to do your research first as certain crystals can rust in water or fade in sunlight. Have fun experimenting with the following cleansing and charging rituals to discover, which feels best for you and your crystals. 


WHY: Water is nature's most potent cleanser and purifier.

RITUAL: Rinse your crystal gently under a running tap or submerge in a bowl. If you live near a fresh water source such as a lake or river, it is fantastic to use local natural water. Saltwater can be abrasive so steer clear of seawater. 


WHY: Sunlight powerfully shines away stale energies and is an extremely activating force. 

RITUAL: Most new crystals benefit from a short sunbath for around 4 hours. Keep in mind that sunlight can fade certain crystals such as Amethyst. 


WHY: Moonlight is supercharging and a safe method for all crystals.

RITUAL: There is a mysterious magic in moonlight and crystals thrive with regular moon baths. Lay your crystals overnight in a place where moonlight will touch them for potent cleansing. The light of a new or full moon is the most powerful to use. 


WHY: The cleansing smoke from burning herbs moves and purifies energies. 

RITUAL: Light a small bundle of your favourite herb and hold your crystal above the stream of smoke. For an extra boost of magic, move the smoking herb around the crystal in circular motions. Sage bundles and Palo Santo are popular options but lavender and other flowers can also be used. 

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