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Tumble Stone

This is also known as a Tumbled Stone. This is the most common cut and polished shape of crystal available. Small chunks of stone are tumble polished to give them a smooth and shiny surface. The form is irregular, and sizes vary but generally, they are smaller stones. This form is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in lots of directions. Tumble Stones are so versatile they can be used for carrying on you, placed in bags, in bowls around the home, placed directly on the body or chakras and are ideal for all types of crystal grids. They are more affordable than other forms and a good place to start with a new type of crystal.

Crystal Pyramid

Pyramids both anchor and direct energies. They stabilise the energies of the earth while enhancing and projecting energies out the apex. Pyramids work well when placed around the home. Small ones can be placed on the chakras for chakra balancing. Pyramids make powerful central stones in crystal grids to amplify your intentions, raise the vibration or protect someone.

Crystal Sphere

A Crystal Sphere is cut and polished to be perfectly round. Spheres radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies. They are connected to the Earth, other planets or the Moon. Sphere’s helps open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting people in developing clairvoyance. It is no surprise that Crystal Spheres are traditionally used for scrying. They can be passed through the aura in crystal healing or held over the chakras. Sphere’s will need a stand for display, they bring a peaceful and grounded energy to the home. Place them in the centre of crystal grids for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development.

Crystal Heart

Crystal Hearts represent love, our heart and connect with the energy of our Heart Chakra. These stones can be placed over this chakra in healing work. Small hearts can be carried with you. Medium to large hearts can be placed around the home, bedroom or within crystal grids. Crystal Hearts can help to attract love or a new relationship. They help heal the heart and emotional wounds. Hearts bring loving energies and help balance relationships.

Crystal Point

Stones can be cut into a crystal point shape which is cut at the base to allow it to stand up. Like all points, they direct and focus energies out the termination point. Carved Standing Crystal Points are often cut into Generator Point shapes so they help amplify energy and our intentions. They can be used to raise the vibration of location. Place them on your altar or within any sacred space. Standing Crystal Points are good for gridding the corners of a room or your home. They also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid.

Crystal Wand

A Crystal Wand is a solid piece of crystal that is cut into either a faceted Crystal Point or rounded, these are sometimes called Massage Wands. Crystal wands come in various shapes and sizes, but the idea is still the same. They are mainly used to direct the energies of the crystal into the aura or chakras. They can also channel other energies such as Reiki through them by an Energy Healer. The rounded end or fattest end of a Crystal Wand is sometimes used to draw off negative energies.
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