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The lunar cycle is highly important to witches and our inner magick. We time our rituals, spell work and many of our celebrations to the appropriate phase of the moon, and we work hard to attune ourselves to its cycle. The moons cycle has a spiritual and psychic importance in witchcraft that goes beyond the purely magical uses with which h it is most popularly connected.

The moon represents psychic power, dreams, emotions, illusions and a capacity for self-deceit. These meanings are acknowledged to a certain extent within witchcraft, as the moon is seen as a mirror of the soul. As a patron of dreams, which reflect our true desires, the moon can reveal to us what we hide from ourselves. To work with the moon is to discover a more subtle form of power. Witches do not exert control over others but become empowered within themselves which is often seen as ‘the power within’. The moons cycle reflects the constant changes in our lives and this cycle is used to frame our spiritual practices.

Timing in a witch’s craft is of great importance and different phases of the moon during each lunar cycle can significantly impact magical workings. Some say they don’t have to wait for the moon phases, and that’s fine, it is up to each individual witch how they decide to practice their craft. Personally, I have found that living by the moon helps me to align myself with life, nature and to flow more naturally and the right moon phase can add a boost to my magick.

A lunar cycle takes 29 ½ days during which it passes through eight distinct phases. Below you will find the significance of each phases and the intents and desires whose spells are most effective during these phases. If you find that certain spells work differently during a different phase, then do that instead – it is all about what works best for you and building your own version of the craft.

New Moon

Marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, making it perfect for magick that sets new intentions that you wish to birth into reality. The earths soil is at its mot fertile during the new moon because the moon draws up water from deep down in the earth so its an ideal time to plant seeds – not only in your garden but also in your life. The new moon invites us to work magick that calls for new beginnings, rebirth and a fresh start.

Effective Spells: renewal, release, love, new direction, personal improvement, manifestation

Crystals: aquamarine is a great choice if you’re healing or trying to let go of the past.

Waxing Crescent Moon

This phase occurs from 3 ½ - 7 days after the New Moon. The moon appears to be growing and that’s just what its energies assist with – growth. It brings light to things that need improvement. This is the perfect phase for focusing on yourself and any other form of self-development to help you to reach your highest potential. The waxing crescent moon also taps into answers hidden deep within, which means its good to have a look at your feelings about everything in life, especially relationships.

Effective Spells: courage, motivation, inspiration, attitude adjustment, patience, healing

Crystals: rose quartz is ideal for this phase because its gentle calm energy promotes love. It also brings passion which can attract a romantic relationship or improve your current one.

First Quarter Moon

This phase occurs from 7-10 days after the New Moon. The first quarter moon is all about attracting and drawing things in. This is good to find missing objects, pets, attract a new job and money.

Effective Spells: luck, wealth, success, love, protection

Crystals: Pyrite for manifesting your desires, especially if you feel that you are not worthy of them. Pyrite helps to bring wisdom when calling for abundance in life.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This phase occurs from 10-15 days after the New Moon. This is another phase for attracting, but more for inner strength and motivation to complete tasks and achieve goals. I like to use it when trying to follow an exercise plan or diet, or to stop procrastinating.

Effective Spells: determination, confidence, strength, focus, clarity

Crystals: carnelian helps release any fears or anxieties that may be stopping you from pushing toward your goals.

Full Moon

This phase occurs from 15-18 days from the new moon. The Full Moon occurs when the moon is centered between the earth and the sun. It brings in the strongest energies of all the phases, so many witches save their biggest magick for this time, setting aside smaller spells that can be done in the less powerful phases.

Effective Spells: spirituality, health, success, luck, change, psychic development

Crystals: clear quartz matches the Full Moon perfectly as its something to support any purpose. Clear Quartz is powerful to and can be used to amplify, release, attract and banish.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Occurs 3-7 days after the Full Moon. This follows the Full Moon in being a great time for release and self-reflection. During this phase it is good to look as your life, is this where you want to be? Focus on self-reflection and releasing what no longer serves you.

Effective Spells: release, opportunities, bad habits, fear, negative emotions

Crystals: amethyst will help to break bad habits and give you the will to stick to your intention.

Third Quarter Moon

This phase occurs from 7-10 days after the Full Moon. This phase offers the opportunity to get to the root of the problem, so divination works very well during this phase to discover what changes you need to make to over come obstacles.

Effective Spells: transitions, awareness

Crystals: Magick during this time requires bravery therefore bloodstone links to courage needed. It also increases power and strength which will help you to accomplish what you want.

Waning Crescent Moon

This phase occurs 10 ½ days after the Full Moon and continues into the beginning of the New Moon. As the moon disappears from the night sky it is time to work on some major banishing magick.

Effective Spells: banishment, binding and protection

Crystals: black tourmaline is an ideal choice for banishing. It repels lower frequencies of energy that may be harmful.

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