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Unwanted negative energy can linger so it is important to perform regular cleansing throughout your home. Cleansing and protecting can be very meditative, whilst also raising awareness, amplifying inner senses and is also known to be healing too. You also might want to cleanse yourself if you are feeling unbalanced, emotional, unfocused or uninspired. Here are my favourite ways to cleanse and protect my home to keep the energy clear and free flowing.

Organise & Deep Clean

This is one of the best ways to remove negative energy within your home. Tidy up, organise your belongings and give everything a thorough clean. Energies get stuck to furniture, objects, floors and ceilings. Keeping your home clean and organised is important for a clear mind.

Create Cleansing Smoke

You can cleanse yourself and your home of any lingering energies by using the smoke of herbs, incense or resins that have cleansing and banishing properties. Some of my favourites to use are rosemary, sage and frankincense. Whilst doing this always make sure to leave a window open to help the unwanted energy leave your home and positive energies to flow in.

Use Room Sprays

Spiritual room sprays are great if you don't want smoke in your space due to animals or children. You can purchase these sprays from spiritual shops and stores, or you can make them yourself with essential oils. The best for clearing negative energies are sandalwood, lavender, frankincense, or patchouli. Mix them with water and a teaspoon of alcohol – I use witch hazel. You can spray the mist over yourself too.

Listen to music

Playing feel good music that connects with you and moves you is great for keeping your energy at a high vibration and shaking off any negativity that has stuck to you. I particularly recommend high-vibration, uplifting music for clearing old and negative energy.

Open Windows

Fling open your windows, let some light and fresh air into your home, let the breeze move across your house and the energies flow freely.

Turn to Plants

Plants are magical, not only do they have the power to purify the air, fill your home with healing and love, they also keep negative energy away. They are natural protectors.


Having protective crystals in your home is great for aiding in protection. You can place crystals all around your home, the best crystals for protection are black tourmaline, smoky quartz and labradorite.

Create an energy shield

Each of us can create a personal energy shield. There are many ways to do this and many types of shield, but my personal preference and one of the easiest is a light shield that is both protective and healing.

Protective spell for creating a light shield

This is best done in the morning when you wake up. It helps to prevent anything from affecting your energy and brings strong healing powers by lifting your energy vibration.

· Firstly, you need to ground yourself and be quiet and still. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and take three deep breathes.

· Now visualise a ball of bright white light pulsating in your core, just behind your belly button. Imagine this light spreading throughout your entire body and filling every part of you. You’re now a brilliant white light.

· With every breath, imagine this light expanding outward and forming a sphere with a thin blueish outer layer around 1.5 meters around you – even the ground beneath your feet.

· Feel the sphere vibrating around you and ask it to protect you from all negative energy and anything that doesn’t serve you the highest good.

· When you feel ready, carry on with your day and feel the benefits of your own inner power.

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